See Just How Sweet Tea Can Be

Low overhead and start-up costs

Shannon's Southern Style Sweet Tea Trailers are hand built and customized to be towed behind most personal SUV, trucks and vans. Purchasing a trailer will cost you a fraction of a normal concessions trailer

Minimal employees are needed to operate a trailer. Our trailers require  no more than 2-3 people for operation and as few as 1

Customer experience

With our open air trailer and low bar top, customer engagement is far greater than from a window of a normal food truck or concession trailer.

Our trailers include self-pouring tap systems, Bluetooth speaker system, and a misting rooftop unit that will be sure to create a fun festival experience like no other.


Brand recognition

From any location of your event, Shannon's Southern Style Sweet Tea will be sure to stand out. From our 32oz. tin mugs throughout the crowd, to our soaring, 5ft. rotating rooftop barrel, 14ft. trailer flags, and our LED lit Copper-top bar, People are drawn in to see what Shannon's Sweet Tea is all about.

Along with our website and social media presence, Shannon's Southern Style Sweet Tea is brand not soon forgotten

all natural, fresh brewed sweet teas

We proudly brew every batch of Sweet Tea in a variety of flavors. All our loose leaf tea is purchased direct from a tea plantation in the USA.

We have carefully crafted our recipes to provide the perfect blend of tea and sweetness that keeps our customers coming back time after time

Let Us Know About You

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