We are affordable for customers

Our 32oz collectible tin mug is $6.00 with fill up and $2.00 refills for life. That's right, as long as you own the mug, bring it back to us at any time we will refill your mug for $2.00

More than just a vendor

We are more than a vendor, We want to be your partner. With our website and social media presence, we promote your event to our followers to help draw new customers to your event.

One-of-a-kind experience

We are unique. Our trailers are custom, hand built, one-off designs, providing a completely unique look at your event that draw people's interest.

Shannon's Southern Style Sweet Tea has won multiple "Best in Show" awards.

Shannon's Southern Style Sweet Tea has won multiple "Best in Show" awards.

Bring in a little southern style

With our waist high "copper top" bar top (featuring sealed-in vintage coins and bullets), bluetooth speakers system which keep the party going, and our rooftop mister system cooling the crowd when its hot, Your customers will remember their every moment at Shannon's.

You've never had tea like this

It goes without saying but we brew amazing tea! Our loose leaf, fresh brewed recipes mastered by Shannon and our U.S. based tea plantation will provide you the highest quality, best tasting sweet tea you have ever had.

We are constantly creating new recipes so from our traditional southern tea to fruity mixtures, your event-goers will love it!

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